About Us

About Our Parish

The members of Christ the Saviour parish in Fort Wayne seek to worship God in the best way we can – the way God Himself desires and prescribes.

Following His resurrection, Christ Jesus, through the Holy Spirit of God, bestowed His Word upon the Holy Apostles. That same Grace has been passed down through the Bishops of the Orthodox Church, and is alive in the Church to this very day!

We follow, to the best of our ability, relying upon the grace and strength of our Lord, the Holy Traditions of the Church. These Traditions’ sole purpose is to point us to God – to realign our spirits, souls and bodies in accordance with His will – but sadly they have been mostly forgotten in the West, and indeed often rejected outright. We celebrate the liturgical services preserved by the generations of Eastern Orthodox Christians who have preceeded us. They kept these Traditions faithfully, courageously, often at the cost of their very lives – may their memory be eternal!

We remember in our worship, and ask that God’s blessing be upon them, the suffering Orthodox people of Russia. Indeed, suffering! For, to this very day, the authoritarian successors of the Communist Soviet Union persecute, defame and defraud those in Russia who choose to follow Christ. By the grace of God, these people have survived the oppression of the anti-Christian heirs of Lenin and Stalin. They have preserved the True Faith, and seek ever to proclaim the Word of God to the World.

Our parish is under the Omophorion of His Eminence, The Very Most Reverend Metropolitan Theodore of Suzdal and Vladimir, and under the spiritual direction of His Grace, The Right Reverend Bishop Andrei of Pavlovskoye. Our parish officially formed in late 2006 when we were taken under the protection of ROAC by His Grace, Bishop Andrei.

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